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About XML Sitemap Generator

You can now quickly check the sitemap of your website by using XML sitemap generator. It allows you to include additional information about each and every URL correctly from SEO point of view. This information may include the date when the URL was last updated, and an importance of the URL and how often it changes. The reason why XML sitemap generator tool generates the XML format is that to ensure that the information was processed on different kind of computers, systems and applications. XML sitemap generator tool simplifies the process of creating and XML sitemap of your website. For using XML sitemap generator tool you don’t need to be a programmer for doing any coding. Simply you have to enter your site URL, and then select the options according to your need from the drop-down menus, enter the verification code in the box given below (for the security purpose) and then click the generate sitemap button. Then wait for a while, XML sitemap generator tool will process the URL given by you and then after a while it will create an XML file of sitemap of you website. Yes! It’s that much easy. Then you can save the XML file by pressing the “Save As XML File” button and then put it into the domain folder of your website.