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About What is my Browser

There are many browsers present with different capabilities and different features. These differences seem minor and it's quite common for a website to work differently in different browsers. So, a website owner has to know the specific problems related to the page and troubleshoot them. What is my browser is a free tool which makes it quite easier to you? What is my browser tool allows you to check what your web browser is and what its current version is? What is my browser is a quite useful tool if you don’t know about the browser type and its version? It also tells you what OS is installed on your device, and what is you user agent. What is my browser automatically grab all the details and show this on your screen? It doesn’t need any steps to follow you have just to open it and it automatically shows all of the details. It is quite handy to use when you want to see anybody else’s browser information and they are not quite comfortable with the computer use, you just have to give them the link to the tool and left everything to our What is my Browser tool.