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Website links counter checker tool utilise to assist webmaster and web developers in making sure about their web site link worth. It offers complete internal links and external links to the clients which help online dealers in examining link worth of web site and assisting them to conclude link structure method. The relation of Internal links and externals links supposed to be just about close to each other. Website links counter checker tool allow you to examine how countless links your website have. This tool generates a web positions that is used by Search engine bots to shift from single website to another. You know how to test your website links through our Free Website links counter checker tool to establish what forms of links you are utilising in your website. Furthermore prominently, on the other hand, this tool can be used to put aside you the cash and annoyance of buying publicising as of an under believable service contributor. This tool will merely obtain a small amount of seconds of your time to examine a website page previous to you make a decision to swap website links..