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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL rewriting tool can be one of the most excellent and fastest methods to get better the usability and feasibility and look for the openness of your website. It can be moreover the basis of close to never ending desolation and distress. Value is playing cautiously with it. Plenty of testing is suggested. From the URL Rewrite Tool, you know how to make dynamic URLs search engine friendly URLs. This URL Rewriting Tool will assist you twisted your extended dynamic URL into a shorter and fixed one. Fixed URLs are improved than dynamic URLs as they are simpler to keep in mind for final users. They are easier to bookmark. Moreover, they carry out improved for search engine ranking reasons. You will require to generate a file called ".htaccess" and attach the code produced by it. Once you have formed the .htacess file, just copy it into your web directory. URL rewriting of this kind will work only if you are hosted on Apache Server. This tool force to get more than one dynamic URLs and create the rewritten policy to exchange them into static URLs. Just paste in your dynamic URLs, select the method of static URL you wish for, and hit it off the submit button.