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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

Do you want to know what search engine bots see in your site when they crawl from your website? It’s quite simple for you now to preview this easily. Search engine simulator previews it for you. It simulates all the things on your screen which web crawler can see on your website. This analyzing by using Search Engine Spider Simulator help you that what webmaster is doing on the webpage.

Search engine simulator takes URL of your website or web page and gives you all the essential information about the contents of your website. It will show all Meta Contents of your website or web page which includes Meta title, Meta description and Meta Keywords. Also, it will show all heading tags. All index able links, readable text content, and source code of your website is previewed so you can easily make changes if you find something in appropriate. If you are willing to hide anything of your web page you can easily add robot.txt file in the root directory of your website. This file allows search engines to search the areas of your website which are open to them to visit and index.