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The Page Size Checker tool is obtainable to use for free of charge. If you contain a sluggish loading web page, then use this tool to make sure about your web page speed it can effect in a lofty spring up speed for the reason that internet users have nil acceptance for sluggish loading websites. A standard small web page is just about 12 KB, and that will load incredibly rapidly. The additional media on a page, the larger the page mass and the lazier it will load. Entrenched movies, pictures, audios, graphics, sparks and other variety of media will boost up your page volume. When you use Page Size Checker tool, the fallout will demonstrate the volume of your web page in mutually Bytes and KiloBytes (KB). While talking about page size or volume persons are chatting about the whole volume of a web page together with all of the essentials that are used to produce it. This comprises the size of the important HTML file, as well as all further entrenched stuff such as pictures, audios, graphics and videos, etc. Bigger web page sizes can be satisfactory only if the HTML file is equally small and coded to decrease depiction browser time. Page Size Checker tool can be used to assist decides page volume.