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About Online Ping Website Tool

Online Ping Website tool is a tool by which you can ping your website and see how much time it requires seeing your site from an IP address. It defines the sensitive time of the server. As we all know the loading, the website ranking is too much dependent on the web site loading speed. Everyone wants a quickly loaded site with all of its contents loaded within a second. Online Ping Website tool allows you to see the higher rate of your site loading as if your website is taking more than seven seconds to load, then search engine can quickly place it on a lower rank. If you want to be on the higher ranking, you have to reduce the loading time of your website because users don’t want to wait for a site more than 5 seconds. Online Ping Website tool allows you to see the time that in how much seconds or minutes it takes to connect your site. One of the best reasons to use Online Ping Website tool is that it aids you to index quickly by the Google. For using Online Ping Website tool you just have to enter the data required in the text boxes given, enter the image verification code and then click on the submit button and Online Ping Website tool will calculate result you want in a limited span of time.