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About PageRank Checker

PageRank is one of the essential factors by which webmaster can use to determine the strength and importance of a web page. Google will rank the site correctly if a website has a higher PageRank. If you want to see the page rank of you website, PageRank Checker will do it for you very easily. You have to input URLs of various pages and not just the homepage of the website. There are different values for different web pages. If you are willing to purchase a website, PageRank Checker will help you to check the validity of the website. It will protect you to get scammed. You just have to enter different URLs of different pages separately on separate lines, because, PageRank Checker will check the pageRank for each page individually, then you have to enter image verification code, and press gets Page Rank button given below. The PageRank Checker will show the result in the form of tables the URLs with their page ranks. It will allow you to understand the page rank of your website and rank your website on Google properly. PageRanks are updated in 3-6 months per month so you should check the page rank of your web pages time to time by using PageRank Checker.