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Email privacy is such an essential factor to be considered in SEO rankings. It is considered that email id of any user should not be presented on any web page as it can be misused by spammers. Spammers can use your email id for malicious functioning. Malicious software is those kind of software which automatically generates spam emails in bulk. This process is known as spam harvesting. A spam harvester can read through the pages in your site and extract email addresses which are then added to bulk marketing databases and the result is more spam in your inbox.
 It is quite important not to include any of your email address in your web pages.

Email privacy tool is a tool which helps you to examine the privacy of your emails on the website’s pages. It also protects webmaster from many email privacy issues and provides email security. Email privacy tool is very easy to use, the user just needs to enter the URL of his web page and the Email privacy tool will calculate and check whether there any email address present in the web page or not. Email privacy tool prevents any bad hand to your website.