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 The procedure and process of searching out the IP address are attained by penetrating the DNS Domain Name Servers in anticipation of competition on the domain name is established. This procedure of progression is also recognised as domain name servers lookup, NSLOOKUP or (incorrectly) IP lookup. The process of finding out the domain name or host name as of an IP address occupies distributing a note to the IP address and asks for the computer situated at that IP address to go back its name. More often than not this will be similar to the domain name. On the other hand, numerous computers host a lot of domains so the host name possibly will be one of the domain names hosted or it possibly will be incredible entirely dissimilar. Domain into IP tool is one of the majority adaptable and flexible tool to discover out the holder and Internet provider of any site, domain or IP address. Positioning IP addresses are helpful and functional for placing the starting point of not needed emails or the basis of bugs and viruses port assaults. Besides the domain, you can moreover discover out the registered information about IP address varieties, which are able to be used to at least recognise the internet admission provider of dial-up clients with active IP addresses.