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About Class C Ip Checker

Classic Ip is an IP address that your website domain receives when you get registered. In easy words, Ip address is as like as postal address. It helps other people to locate your website through Web Browser. This IP address can be of 5 types or class. Class A, B, C, D and E. Class C type is most common and used type among them all. It is considered that it's quite better to host multiple cross-linked sites on different Class C IP range. Classic Ip Checker is a tool which checks and tells you is there any same class C IP range in being hosting two or more domain. Which can allow you to discover the duplicate IP address and Class C blocks. Classic Ip Checker is simple and handy to use. You just need to enter different domain names. You can enter up to 40 domains at a time each in a separate line, then enter the image verification code and click the submit button given below. Classic Ip checker will now do the things on its own. This amazing and wonderful tool helps webmasters to check if the given URL of the website lies between the different class C range or not. It could be harmful to your SEO ranking that if your C type IP is linked to another website.