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Link building is an important yet more tricky and challenging part to build your website. As well as it is a key to success.Sometimes when you are surfing through the internet and click on a link to open some kind of web page, you encountered some error like error 404, this is a broken link. The some causes of broken links may be the website is permanently available; the requested web page is deleted, or the link to the website or webpage was modified or changed. This type of situation unpleasant effects on the mind of the user and thus can result in negative thought about the reputation of your website. So, to preventing you from these kinds of situation, our Broken Links Finder tool helps a lot. It is quite easy to use. You just need to enter the URL of your website and Broken Links Finder tool scans your website thoroughly and locate the internal and external links that if there any broken link or not which may cause your visitor’s mental frustration and bad reputation of your website.