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Backlinks are any links to your website from any other website or webpage. Backlinks are one of the factors for a webpage that search engine’s page rank algorithm evaluates to examine the importance of the page. Want to check backlinks for your website? Backlink Checker is a useful tool for checking backlinks present in your websites, and their quality which is necessary for avoiding any penalties from the search engines. Backlink Checker is a tool which examines that how many backlinks are present on your website or the link you entered. Backlinks are essential not only for search engines but also for SEO experts who are looking for company’s online marketing campaign, for websites owners, bloggers, for webmaster who are trying to get higher rank for their website. Backlink Checker not only analyses the backlink itself but the anchor text also, so you can also find out how to use anchor text efficiently. Backlink Checker allows you to check backlinks and then improve their quality to meet the search engine’s level of page ranking. You just need to paste URL in the text box given for URL, then enter image verification code, and click the submit button. Backlink Checker will give you the analytical result according to the search.