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About AVG Antivirus Checker

Our AVG Antivirus Checker is one of the best tools to check out on our website. With AVG Antivirus Checker you can quickly look in the anti-spam database that if any user’s IP is located or not. IP appearing in the black list can be tracked which are placed in the databases. To reduce spams, Email blacklists are most commonly used. Some owners of the website don’t use this tool and their website becomes blacklisted because of the virus or spam, thus resulting in creating difficulty for the visitors to explore the website. The search engine will inform the visitor about the spam if the website is too much affected by the spam. The search engine will ask the visitor to proceed or not. The visitors mostly do not need to continue further, thus resulting in minimising the traffic on the website which affects the SEO ranking of the website.

To use you AVG Antivirus Checker just have to enter the URLs of the web pages of your website, each URL in separate lines and AVG Antivirus Checker will check to which anti-spam database you website in related. If the result shows that your website does not connect to any database, it means the chances of spam on your website are increased.